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Secondary Fellows
Jaclyn Spangler, Utt Middle School, 7th Grade Core
Gina Dearborn, 8th Grade US History, Pioneer
Janifer Douglas, Core, ELD, AVID, Hewes
Sean Connally, Math 6, Math 7, Algebra, Hewes
Vici Cope, Choir & Drama, Pioneer
Julie Judd, 6th Grade Core and ELD, Orchard Hills
Amy Ronce, 7th Grade Core and AVID, Orchard Hills
Kris Posavec, STEM and Physical Science, Utt
Judy Watts, English Teacher, Hillview
Scott Simpson, US History, Foothill High
Jeannine Flores, Instrumental Music, CT Middle School
John Myung, Geometry, Foothill High
Erin Lent, STEAM and Math 6, Orchard Hills
Joy Wardlaw, Core Teacher, Orchard Hills