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7.1: Comparing Fractions
7.2a: Fractions on a Number Line
7.2b: Fractions and Benchmarks
7.3: Fractions of Different Sizes
Equivalent Fractions with Multiplication
Equivalent Fractions
7.4: Equivalent Fractions with Multiplication
7.5: Equivalent Fractions with Division
7.6: Comparing Fractions with Different Denominators
7.7: Fractions and Line Plots
7.8: Relating Fractions and Decimals
7.9: Explore Decimal Numbers
Converting Fractions into Decimals: Base 10 Fractions
Fractions and Decimals
7.10: Comparing Decimals to Hundredths
7.11: Read, Write, and Model Decimals Greater than One
7.12: Compare Decimals Greater than One
CHALLENGE: Cross Canceling
CHALLENGE: Cross Canceling