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Classwork & Homework
Independent Reading Project
R&J Inquiries for Essay
Dramatic Devices
Bless Me, Ultima
Ultima Reading Retest
Membean Enroll & Join Codes
Google Classroom Join Codes
5/25 Preparation for Literary Terms & Word Dissection Final
Semester II Final Assignments
5/24 Final Characterization Presentation Gesture Preparation
5/23 Final Characterization Presentation Preparation
5/22 Prologue Final Prepration
5/31 Final Characterization Presentation Preparation
5/18 Start the finish of membean & journal.
5/14-16 Dramatic Artistry via Shakespearean Context
5/15 Using Infographics for Fact Research
5/11 Juliet Essay Submission
5/10 Juliet Essay Word Processing
5/9 Juliet Essay Outline.
5/8 Juliet Goes Independent III:v
5/7 Balcony Scene Presentation
5/3 Balcony Scene Presentation Gesture Practice.
5/1 Balcony Scene Presentation Voice and Face Practice
4/30 Balcony Scene Initial Preparation
4/26-27 Juliet Grows III:ii Character Analysis
4/23-25 Romeo and Juliet Dramatic Artistry Test
4/19 Juliet the Girl I:iii Character Analysis
4/18 Prologue Presentations
4/17 Prologue Presentations
4/16 R&J Prologue Paraphrase Prepare for Presentation
4/11-13 Romeo and Juliet Dramatic Artistry Test
4/10 Dramatic Artistry Lessons
4/10 Dramatic Artistry Lessons
4/6 & 9 Dramatic Artistic Technique Introduction
4/5 Romeo & Juliet Guided Reading Instructions
4/4 Romeo and Juliet Overview
4/3 Word Dissection.
4/2 Ultima Essay Debrief & Revision Assignment
3/23 Independent Reading Project & Shakespeare's World.
3/22 Ultima Response to Literature Essay Submission
3/20Ultima Response to Literature Essay Review
3/19 Analysis Tutorial and Membean
3/16 Ultima Response to Literature Essay Word Processing
3/15 Ultima Literary Response Essay Composition
3/14 Ultima Essay Outline
3/13 Bless Me, Ultima Protagonist Research
3/12 ELA Checkpoint
3/9 Finish Characterization RTL Paragraphs and Word Dissection
3/8 Bless Me, Ultima Characterization Response to Literature Paragraphs
3/7 Annotate Marez & Luna Imagery Response to Literature
3/6 Ultima Characterization Analysis
3/5 Ultima Characterization Analysis
3/2 Bless Me, Ultima Imagery Response to Literature
3/1 Ultima Imagery Research Collaboration
2/28 Bless Me, Ultima Imagery Research.
2/27 Essay Revision: Hip Hop Research Essay
2/26 Theme Tournament Presentations
2/22 Ultima Theme Discussion Tournament
2/21-22 Ultima Theme Research
2/20 Bless Me, Ultima Reading Exam
2/13 Bless Me, Ultima Reading
2/9 Bless Me, Ultima Reading (First Day).
2/8 Bless Me, Ultima Anticipation Guide
2/7 Hip Hop Research Essay Submission
2/6 Hip Hop Essay Peer Review.
2/5 Is Hip Hop Good For Society?
2/2 Word Dissection 20
1/31 Hip Hop Value Research
1/30 Work on Hip Hop Report / Essay.
1/29 Hip Hop Examples
1/26 Works Cited Quiz, Word Dissection 19 & Hip Hop Report Feedback
1/25 Add Textual Evidence and Citations to Hip Hop Report.
1/24 "Eleven" Response to Literature Paragraph Revision
1/23 Hip Hop Report
1/18 & 22 Hip Hop Defined Two Turn Tables and a Microphone
1/19 Word Dissection 18
1/17 Hip Hop Planet Reading & Annotation
1/16 "Eleven Imagery" Response to Literatur
1/11 "Eleven" Imagery Four Corners Discussion
1/10 Eleven Imagery Analysis Continued and Bless Me, Ultima Checkout.
1/9 Image/Symbol Via ELEVEN
1/8 Introduction to Imagery
12/19 Semester 1 Final
12/18 Narrate Final Presentations and Prepare for Word Dissection Test
12/14-15 Narrate Final Presentation
12/13 Semester I Final
12/12 Semester I Final Presentation Introduction
12/12 Semester I Final Presentation Introduction
12/11 Night Research Essay Submission
12/11 Semester 1 Extra Credit Essay
12/7 Night Essay Word Process
11/6 Late Start Complete Essay
12/5 Write Essay
12/4 Night Reaearch Essay
11/30 Database Research.
11/29 Membean
11/28 Modern Atrocity Research
11/27 Night Essay Special Response to Literature Introduction.
11/17 Screencastify Exploration
11/16 Night Characterization Symposium Day 2
11/15 Night Characterization Symposium Day 1
11/14 2017-18 TUSD Fall Checkpoint: ELA Grade 9
11/13 Marigolds Characterization Discussion Day 2
11/9 Marigolds Hypothesis and Characterization Proof Discussion
11/8 Marigolds Narration and Indirect Characterization Study
11/7 Introduction to Narration & Characterization
Reading Test & Homework
10/27-11/4 Night Reading
10/24 Lighting Imagery Analysis via Of Mice and Men by Sinese
10/23 Timed Writing Test
10/20 Of Mice and Men Essay Submission
10/19 Word Process Of Mice and Men Essay
9/18 Of Mice and Men Essay Revision and Membean
10/16-17 Of Mice and Men Timed Writing Essay
10/13 Of Mice and Men Crises Discussion
10/12 Of Mice and Men Plot / Crises Analysis.
10/9 Of Mice and Men Reading Test
10/2-10/6 Read of Mice and Men
9/29 Zaroff Debate, Word Dissection 4, Of Mice and Men
9/28 Most Dangerous Debate
9/27 Study Plot Via "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell
9/26 Introduction to Plot Elements
9/25 Timed Writing Introductory Paragraph Support
9/22 Timed Writing Essay Review & Word Dissection 3
9/21 Sniper Timed Writing Training
9/20 "The Sniper" Carousel Theme Discussion
9/19 Study Theme Via "The Sniper" by Liam O’Flaherty
9/18 Introduction to Theme
9/15 Undercover Parent Timed Writing Essay Submission
9/14 Typing an Essay
9/13 Word Dissection 2
9/12 Article Annotation, Outline and Introductory Paragraph Practice.
9/8 Timed Writing / Undercover Parent Essay
9/7 Timed Writing Outlining / Logic Mapping
9/6 Word Dissection Introduction.
9/5 Timed Writing Training via Undercover Parent: Annotation, Logic Map: Outline.
9/1 Timed Writing Annotation & Introduction Test.
8/31 Go Big Red Presentations Principal Grave
8/30 Timed Writing Supporting Reasoning, Examples / Illustrations and Introductions
8/29 Paraphrasing and Online Annotation
8/28 Reading, Annotation & Rhetorical Analysis
8/25 Course Inquiry Membean
8/24 Timed Writing Diagnostic
8/23 Welcome Back to School
8/29 Class Introduction Vocabulary and Guidelines