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Classwork & Homework
10/21 Punctuation Support & Word Dissection
10/18 Theme, Plot, Narration and Response to Literature Test.
10/17 Theme, Plot, Narration & Response to Literature Exam Prep & Word Dissection
10/16 Of Mice and Men Plot or Narration Response to Literature
10/14-15 Of Mice and Men Narration Analysis
10/10 Of Mice and Men Crises Analysis
10/7-9 Of Mice and Men Dramatic Presentation
10/3 Word Dissection 4
10/2 Of Mice and Men Theme Response to Literature
October 1 Of Mice and Men Theme Discussion.
9/29 Of Mice and Men Exam
9/20-27 Of Mice and Men Reading
9/19 "The Interlopers" Response to Literature
9/18 Independent Reading Project
9/17 Interlopers Theme / Plot Discussion.
9/16 "The Interlopers"
9/13 Annotation and Plot Quiz, Essay Review and Introduction Revision
9/12 "The Sniper" Response to Literature
9/10 "Sniper" Plot Analysis Discussion
9/9 Study Theme Via "The Sniper" by Liam O’Flaherty
9/6 Word Dissection 2
9/5 Introduction to Plot Elements
9/4 Undercover Parent Timed Writing Essay Submission
9/3 Introduction to Theme
8/30 Go Big Red Presentations Principal Boudreoux I Homework Project Instructions
8/29 Essay Word Processing
8/28 Undercover Parent Essay Review
8/27 Timed Writing / Undercover Parent Essay
8/26 Undercover Parent Essay: Annotation, Outline, First Draft
8/23 Word Dissection 1 & Annotation, Outlining & Paraphrase Quiz
8/22 Semicolon and Colon Usage
8/21 Timed Writing / Argumentative Essay Outline
8/20 Paraphrasing and Online Annotation
8/19 Reading, Annotation & Rhetorical Analysis
8/16 Course Inquiry & Word Dissection
8/15 Timed Writing Diagnostic
8/14 Welcome Back to School
8/13 Class Introduction Vocabulary and Guidelines
Monday before school starts.