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Medieval T and O Map: What do these words mean or represent?
These are the different elementary schools we attended last year.
Do we need to be concerned about our ocean trash?
What happened? How does this show POWER?
Global Literacy Rates - Where do you want to live?
Fantastic facts if the world was 100 people!
Are we like the Whos is Who-ville?
What does this map show? Would you rather live in the green countries or the red countries? Why?
What does this map show? Why are the continents distorted? Hint... It's a distribution map!
Back to School Night 2018
Alpha Class Codes 2018-19
Omega Class Codes 2018-19
Ms. Calvert unveiling a 30-year-old McDonald's hamburger and fries... The myth is proven true, McDonalds does use many preservatives!
Writing Process - Writing Workshop
What does this map portray?
What does this map represent?