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Distance Learning 2020
Career Fair is TODAY at 11am! Here is the link!
Utt Virtual Open House
Audible Books
I made Sydney's Chocolate Lava Cake! It was so delicious, that some was eaten before I could take this photo!
Reading logs are due next Friday! Make sure you are reading and filling this out! It was sent via google classroom.
Video chat with Karly on Tuesday at 2pm! She will answer all your questions about the Coronavirus!
Bake Off! Have the photo of your dessert and video ready by next Friday, April 3rd at 9am!
How far back in time could you go and still understand English? (2:36 min.)
I got to see my granddaughter Wynn Leigh in Hawaii last week!
I went to Hawaii with one of my best friends from highschool. Her name is Ms. Kudla and she teaches fifth grade at Arroyo.
Eliminate DEAD words
Halley's Comet - YouTube
Congrats to the Alpha Core Top CER and Theme videos!
Congrats to the Omega Core Top CER and Theme Videos!
Example: PERSIA in USA
Alpha Passcodes 2019-20
Omega Passcodes 2019-20
Job Application from Horton's POV
Back to School Night 2019
Apps to Download from TUSD App Store
Why are the shapes of the different countries distorted? What is this map showing?
Thursday May 28th, 2020
May 26th to 28th Calvert Core: TUSD Independent Study
Just for fun! Can you find 27 different idioms, or figures of speech in this photo? Answer on the Padlet Link.