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Questions Status Close Date
Are you OK with having the homework posted on H... Closed Feb 15, 2015
What was your favorite part of the Penguin Proj... Closed Sep 13, 2015
What is your favorite recess activity? Closed Sep 25, 2015
What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Closed Jan 07, 2016
Would you be willing to try a snack made with i... Closed Jun 06, 2016
How do you feel about rain? Closed Sep 12, 2016
If you grew up and had a job in one of the bran... Closed Sep 14, 2016
Can you put your username and password in Haiku... Closed Nov 01, 2016
Did you like using Formative?  (answering ... Closed May 05, 2017
Do you have your email and password MEMORIZED? Closed Sep 29, 2017