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Vocabulary Homework
Weekly Vocab. Homework
naut, naus, nav = relating to the sea, ships or travelers
terr, terra, geo = land; earth
strain, strict, string = bind, tie or draw tight
phon, phono, phone = sound, voice
socio= companion, friend
"therm" =heat, temperature
struct = to build
tract = pull
vers, vert = to turn
cede, ceed, cess = go, yield
rupt = break
junct, join, jug = to join, meet, or link
frail, fract, frag = break; shatter
flect, flex = bend
vit, viv = life, live
bio= life, living
mal, male = bad; abnormal; worse
ben, bene, bon = good, well
cred = believe
scribe, script
miss, mit - give/send
port = carry
sect = cut, seperate
ject = throw
dict = say, speak
spec = look/see
man, manu = hand
ped = foot